ADSL Services

  • All EV6 ADSL services offer the following:
    • "Always On" connection, go online any time of the day or night
    • Up to 5 static IP addresses for no extra charge, connect 5 machines direct to the internet!
    • No limitations on use. Many isp's disallow the hosting of servers on ADSL accounts, we do not!
    • Custom reverse DNS
    • Unlimited E-mail addresses
    • 32MB of Web Space including PHP and CGI support
    • Use your own hardware or buy a router/modem from us
    • No contention at the IP level
    • No minimum contract or no installation fee
    • Unlimited e-mail addresses with spam and virus filtering
    • Access to your email via webmail from anywhere aswell as industry standard IMAP and POP3 protocols with supportfor secure SSL access

Why choose EV6?

With EV6 you are free to host any servers you want on your own DSL line. You are free to host your own E-mail, DNS, Webserver or anything else on your ADSL. Many ISP's won't allow you to run servers on your DSL and often change their users' IP address regularly to prevent servers being hosted.

We offer a choice of unlimited connections, where you can download an unlimited amount of data for a fixed fee and cheaper limited connection plans which are more suited to light users.

Unfortunately due to the nature of ADSL service in the UK EV6 have no control over the contention over the BT network between you and the EV6 network. This is the same for ALL isp's in the UK providing ADSL service over BT telephone lines. However with EV6 unlike many ISP's there will be no additional contention introduced within the EV6 network. Many ISP's have high bandwidth contention ratio's, what this means is that bandwidth is shared between multiple users at once, so that during busy periods your available bandwidth could be a mere fraction of the theoretical maximum of your line. With EV6 there is always surplus bandwidth for all users, so you can achieve the full rate of your connection at all times of the day.


  • Budget Home ADSL services, up to 2Mb (50-1 contention) depending on line quality
    • 4Mb/sec Home ADSL service with 15GB/month data transfer £15.99 per month inc VAT.
    • 8Mb/sec Home ADSL service with 30GB/month data transfer £29.99 per month inc VAT.
    • 16Mb/sec Home ADSL service with 50GB/month data transfer £39.99 per month inc VAT.
    • Bandwidth in excess of monthly limit £0.0032 inc VAT per MByte
  • Unlimited Business ADSL services (20-1 contention)
    • 4MB/Sec Unlimited Business ADSL £29.99+VAT per month.
    • 8MB/Sec Unlimited Business ADSL £44.99+VAT per month.
    • 16MB/Sec Unlimited Business ADSL £59.99+VAT per month.


  • 4-port ADSL Router for connection of upto 4 computers to any of the above ADSL services £30 each
  • Rental of a 4-port ADSL Router £3 per month with any ADSL service
  • Rental of a 4-port ADSL Router with Wireless support £4 per month with any ADSL service
  • USB ADSL Modem for connection of a single computer to any of the above ADSL services £free with any ADSL service

All ADSL services are subject to either a £50+VAT connection charge, a 12 month minimum contract. If you wish to cancel a 12 month contract before the end of the 12 months then a £50+VAT cancellation charge will be applied.


To place an order for an ADSL service please contact us via email