EV6 Web hosting

Wether it's your corporate identity on the net, a mission critical web-based applications accessed by thousands of employees or customers worldwide, or just a personal homepage, EV6 Networks has a solution to suit your needs. Using our global network of high performance reliable servers from Hewlett Packard and SUN Microsystems we are able to offer unparalleled reliability and performance.

Shared webhosting

Shared webhosting is the most common type of webhosting available and is suitable for small to medium sized sites which do not generate enough traffic to require a dedicated server. Due to the nature of shared webhosting, it may be unsuitable for large high volume websites as excessive load on one site may cause a loss of performance to other customers. We use high performance 64-bit servers running the market-leading Apache webserver.


  • Market-leading Apache 2 webserver
  • PHP available
  • MYSQL Database access
  • Custom CGI's allowed
  • Modern 64-bit Servers
  • RAID storage
  • Redundant power sources
  • High performance multi-homed network
  • Automatic statistics generated daily, example on http://www.ev6.net/stats/

Dedicated webhosting

While shared webhosting involves a single webserver hosting multiple sites for multiple different customers, dedicated webhosting involves each customer having one or more servers dedicated to one or more of their own sites. This allows the customer complete control over the software and configuration running on the system and the ability to dedicate 100% of the resources on the server to their particular requirements. Dedicated webhosting is suitable for high volume websites or for customers who want complete control over their website. EV6 can offer dedicated hosting via our co-location service. You can choose to administer the server yourself or you can buy a managed hosting service where EV6 will configure the server according to your requirements and maintain security patches and perform general administration such as adding users to the system. EV6 can also provide a managed firewall service for all dedicated hosting customers.

Domain name registration and hosting

EV6 can provide full domain registration services for all the common top-level domains such as .com .net and .org aswell as sub-level domains such as co.uk and org.uk. EV6 can provide full resillient DNS services for all domains. Our DNS servers are located in multiple countries around the world to provide the highest level of reliability. Customers using EV6 DNS hosting will have full control of their domains via a web-based control panel. EV6 can also host domain names that have been registered elsewhere.


  • All prices are inclusive of VAT and are exactly what you pay, no hidden extras!
    • Domain Registration .com £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .net £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .org £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .info £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .biz £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .us £10 per year
    • DNS Hosting £10 per month for upto 10 domains
    • E-mail hosting
    • Shared web hosting

For dedicated web-hosting plans please see the co-location service.