Colocated Server

Renting a server from EV6 offers you a high performance solution combined with great value for money and no up-front hardware purchasing cost.

Servers available to rent

With EV6 you can rent a server from us for the duration of your hosting plan. By renting a server you can cut out the up-front cost of purchasing hardware and you still have the option to buy the system at any time.

Operating system support

EV6 can install any compatible operating system onto your server subject to licensing restrictions. If you wish to use an operating system which requires the purchase of a license, Such as Microsoft Windows or OpenVMS you may buy that license from EV6 or supply the necessary documentation prior to the installation. For operating systems which are freely distributable such as Linux or FreeBSD there are no such requirements.


If you decide to cancel your rented server hosting then it is your responsibility to back up your data or purchase the server prior to cancellation. Once your contract with EV6 finishes, if you have not bought the server or it's hard disk, for your data security and peace of mind the drive will be securely erased prior to being allocated to another customer.

Support services

EV6 can provide a wide range of support services with a colocated server

Serial Console access
Serial console access can be provided for remote administration on supporting systems.
Remote Hands
EV6 can perform any maintenence work that may be required on your server such as changing backup tapes and replacing or upgrading hardware.
Remote Reboots
EV6 can reboot your server if necessary.

Server management

With EV6 you can offload the burden of server administration. Our skilled consultants will perform the daily maintenence tasks such as adding/removing users, installation of security patches and rotating of logs. As well as optionally performing the initial and ongoing installation and configuration of software on your server. This is ideal for smaller businesses where employing full time IT staff is not cost-effective. Please see the managed services section of this site for more details.


Please note, rack-space and power are priced seperately from bandwidth to allow for maximum flexibility. All prices are inclusive of VAT and are exactly what you pay, no hidden extras!

  • One-off setup fee for Colocation or IP Transit service £99
  • 1U of rack space inc 1 power socket £25 per month
  • 2U of rack space inc 1 power socket £45 per month
  • 3U of rack space inc 1 power socket £70 per month
  • 4U of rack space inc 1 power socket £90 per month