EV6 Domain hosting

Whether it's your corporate identity on the net, a mission critical web-based applications accessed by thousands of employees or customers worldwide, or just a personal homepage, EV6 Networks has a solution to suit your needs. Using our global network of high performance reliable servers from Hewlett Packard and SUN Microsystems we are able to offer unparalleled reliability and performance.

EV6 can provide all aspects of your domain hosting ranging from the initial domain registration, through hosting of DNS, E-mail, websites and other applications. We specialise in major OpenSource website technologies including PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and the market-leading Apache webserver and we are also able to provide ASP and JSP hosting. All of our DNS and E-mail hosting is accessible by customers through a web-based control panel to add/remove users and hosts, and we have DNS and E-mail servers in multiple countries around the world to provide resilience and low latency to your international clients.

All of our E-mail hosting is backed by a network of Spam and Virus filtering systems to ensure you spend more time dealing with legitimate business mail and less time deleting spam and combatting the spread of viruses.