E-mail hosting

EV6 offers a world-class E-mail hosting facility consisting of multiple servers in diverse locations to guarantee availability and powerfull anti-spam and anti-virus technology to ensure that you recieve more of the important mail you want and less of the junk that blights the internet today. Customers are free to access their E-mail using standard protocols such as SMTP or POP3 which are supported by almost all popular E-mail clients. You can also use POP3 or IMAP over 256-bit SSL for increased security, which is supported by modern e-mail clients. Alternatively we offer a webmail service which is accessible from any computer with a web browser.

E-mail filtering

EV6 can also offer filtering services on top of your existing mail infrastructure. Filtering services are an increasingly popular way to outsource the problem of removing spam and viral content from corporate email. The way this works is that EV6 Mailservers accept all incoming mail for your domains, filter out any unwanted content such as spam and viruses, and then forward the mail on to your existing mailserver. This can drastically reduce the level of traffic processed by your mailserver and the amount of spam your staff must deal with and delete on a daily basis.

Back-up mailserver

If you already have an existing mail infrastructure in place, EV6 can provide a backup service should your primary mailserver go down. This service is free of charge to customers hosting their primary mailserver on servers co-located with EV6 or on EV6 ADSL services.

Features and benefits

  • Standards compliant services - access your mail using any client
  • Web mail - Access your mail anywhere using any web browser
  • Secure SSL - Access your mail securely using US Government-Grade 256-bit AES encryption with supported clients


  • All prices are inclusive of VAT and are exactly what you pay, no hidden extras!
    • Domain Registration .com £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .net £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .org £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .info £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .biz £10 per year
    • Domain Registration .us £10 per year
    • DNS Hosting £10 per month for upto 10 domains
    • E-mail hosting
    • Shared web hosting

For dedicated web-hosting plans please see the co-location service.