IP Transit Services

EV6 IP Transit offers seamless connectivity to the internet via global Tier-1 providers

Our infrastructure has been carefully designed to offer low latency, geographically diverse connectivity, all over an uncontended high capacity backbone.

Use of multiple global providers gives our customers highly available connectivity backed by an 99.95% uptime SLA as standard, and includes 24hr NOC Support.

BGP4, statically routed, and routerless connections are all fully supported, at no additional cost.

We offer a wide range of CDR ( Committed Data Rates ) ranging from 64k all the way to multi-Gbit.

We have direct peering with a large number of UK and International ISPs enabling our customers direct access to a large number of UK and International routes with low latency

All services can either be fully burstable or restricted to a prepaid level and the pricing shown below is based on a monthly average

EV6 can also offer a Pay-as-you-go bandwidth service, where you only pay for what you use in 64k increments up to a pre-arranged maximum. Pay-as-you-go service requires the payment of a deposit to cover the potential cost of the pre-arranged maximum bandwidth. This deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation of the contract. Your bandwidth usage is calculated using the industry-standard 95th percentile method.

  • EV6 can offer IP Transit services in the following locations:
    • RedBus London Sovereign House
    • RedBus London Harbour Exchange
    • RedBus London Meridian Gate


  • One-off connection charge (per port) £120
  • 64Kb
  • 128Kb
  • 256Kb £35 per month
  • 512Kb £55 per month
  • 1024Kb (1Mb) £80 per month
  • Higher rates available £POA
  • Pay-as-you-go (64Kb basic)
  • Pay-as-you-go per additional 64Kb
  • Pay-as-you-go refundable deposit (charged depending on pre-arranged maximum limit)


To place an order or to make enquiries about our IP transit service please contact us via email
Email: sales@ev6.net