FREE Teleconference Service

We provide a range of teleconferencing services for small business or personal use.

Simple Conferences - 0844 704 7659

This service is free of charge, you only pay the cost of the telephone call to your usual telephone supplier. Anyone is free to use this service with no registration or sign-up required.

To start a quick teleconference within the UK simply dial 0844 704 7659 (+44 844 704 7659 from abroad), and when prompted enter a conference number followed by pressing #. You will then be prompted to enter a PIN, if you are the first participant you can either choose your own PIN for subsequent users or simply press # to create a pinless conference room.

This joins you dynamically to a public conference room. Other participants need only dial the access number and enter the same conference number (and your PIN if you set one) to be connected with you.

Private Pre Booked Conference Service - 0844 704 7668

There is also the facility to reserve a private conference number permanently and protect it using a pin.

To use this service, please email requesting a private conference number. IF you supply a desired room number and pin we will try to allocate the requested numbers, otherwise random numbers will be allocated

The private conference service is accessed by dialing 0844 704 7668 from within the UK (+44 844 704 7668 from abroad)

Private Access Numbers

In addition to private conferences, there is also the possibility to purchase private access numbers which connect directly to your conference room(s). A full range of numbers are available including UK geographical, non geographical and freephone 0800 numbers as well as access numbers in a wide range of countries. Please email for details.